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This article How to Positive thinking – Change Your life With Your Thoughts aims to break down why Positive thinking is important, and how meditation can help with positive thinking.  Finally, suggestions and tips on how to bring positive thinking into your mind are provided to use a reader.

Positive thinking is a very important factor in living life in a healthy way. It is quintessential to be active in life. Moreover, positive thinking can build a powerful mind. People can achieve almost anything with an active mind and a strong determination, both characteristics that need positive thinking to fuel it.

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Why is Positive Thinking Important
How Can Meditation Help With Positive Thinking
How To: Positive Thinking Techniques
Tips for Positive Thinking

Why is Positive Thinking Important

  • Positive thinking makes the mind more active as opposed to negative thinking.  Negative thinking will wear youHow to: Positive thinking out, misguide you and be a destructive force in your mind and in life.
  • Positive thinking can enhance positively impact your health, particularly your mental, emotional and physical aspects of your health.
  • Positive thinking can help with mental health by eliminating thoughts of paranoia that manifest from negative thinking.  Reductions of depression and stress can be expected because having positive thoughts means less negative thoughts that will bring you down.
  • Positive thinking often starts with self-talk.  It bestows self-motivation and places an emphasis on thoughts about who you are and caring and loving yourself for being you.  Everything  starts with your positive thoughts, which lead to positive words, to positive actions, and finally positive behaviors that SOW YOUR DESTINY.   Once you get positive thinking going about yourself, notice it will start to spread to thoughts of others and nature.
  • There are many examples of people, through positive thinking, engaging themselves in healthy activities such as physical activity, healthy diets, and a reduction of smoking and drinking alcohol.  This may derive positive thinking that
  • Positive thinkers may or may not live longer, but they will be much more content within their life.  They acquire this through spreading positive energy to the people, making others happy, and leading peaceful lives.

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Positive Meditation

How Can Meditation Help With Positive Thinking

  • Positive thinking can bring an positively active mind. There are various meditation techniques that can precisely assist with the improvement of positive thinking and therefore bringing a positive mental attitude.
  • Meditation helps to increase awareness and allow an opportunity to bring yourself to the present moment.   Meditation also slowly but surely helps you to control the thoughts that are happening in your mind.  So in the long term, it will be possible to control your mind to positive thoughts only.
  • Mindfulness meditation in particular helps with an active mind as it eradicates all the negativity and worries for the future.


How To Positive Thinking Techniques

Technique #1: Train the Mind to Analyze Negative Thoughtstrain your mind

  • Every time you have a negative thought, stop the thought and don’t push it out of your mind.  Instead, take a look at it.
  • Ask yourself why you are having this particular negative thought.  More likely than not, an instance from the past where this negative thought originated from will pop up as a next thought.
  • Examine the thought of that past instance.  Work towards understanding that instance from both sides, and come to peace with that instance.  Many times we let social conditioning and misunderstanding cloud our vision at the moment of that instance.  Introspecting on it days, months, or even years later, it get easier to rationalize our fault or lack of understanding in that instance.   This will give YOU THE POWER to let it go and move forward.
  • Continue you this practice all the time.  Play it like a game.  It won’t be easier to start, but trust me, it get’s easier as you keep doing it.  In my experience, a few weeks in, my brain basically got trained to do this technique anytime i had a negative thought.   I have found a lot of happiness and peace letting go of negative thoughts.   It is attainable if you are willing to work for it.  Isn’t that the case with everything in life though?

Technique #2: Mindfulness Meditation

  • To get started with mindfulness meditation, Focus on making an atmosphere (in the external world and within) which makes you content.mindfulness meditation
  • You can include comfortable clothing, candles, incense, and calming meditation music.
  • Make sure to select a convenient time for yourself to do meditation when there is a no chance of interruption.
  • Sitting with legs in a crossed position, back straight with open arms and hands works really well.  Or find yourself in a seated position (on a chair) and make sure your back is straight and not leaning back on the chair.
  • Breathing is very important.  Make sure you are breathing in and out of your nose.  Make sure you inhale through your nose, and when you exhale, exhale like you are blowing hot air onto a chilled glass, only with your mouth closed.  Listen and focus on your breathing.  This will help to keep your thought focused on your breathing rather than the running thoughts in your mind. Proper breathing is paramount.

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Tips & Suggestions for Positive Thinking

words are powerful

  • Meditation helps a lot and create to calm the mind and creative positive energy.  Meditation involves slowing things down, relaxing, and bringing your self to a calm state.   Remember that your thoughts of negativity will increase the negative feelings you have, so meditating can slow that down.
  • It is important to watch the words you use.  Words are powerful.  Try your best to use positive words.   Even if your going to use a swear word, use it in a positive manner. (ex. I can f*$&’n do this!)  Encourage the people around you to use positive words.  Your thoughts leads to words, which lead to your actions, which leads to habits, which of course sow your destiny.  Remember, when you are feeling down and negative, the negative words in your speech can and will add to the negativity.
  • Limit (not avoid) negative people.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances that may not be clear to us, other negative peoplepeople can be negative.  Particularly when they feel like things aren’t going there way.  Shunning them out completely would only cause more negativity and take away the opportunity for your positive energy to possibly rejuvenate them.  So give them your time but make sure you don’t lose too much positive energy in this process.
  • Remember, there are two things happening in your life.  Things we call “good things” and you should take the opportunity to embrace these things moment to moment.  The second thing happening to us is something we have mis-labelled.  We call them bad things, but really they are just opportunities to learn and grow.  Compare yourself to a movie.  Would you be entertained watching a movie where no stimulus (something bad the hero must overcome and grow from) happens?  Is that the kind of movie you want to look back on when it comes to your life?
  • Your perception of the world is largely shaped by the experiences you have had in your life.  Learn to take time off and examine these experiences and understand more about them.  Examining the good experiences will show you to be more grateful for things.  The bad experiences will most definitely have hidden lessons you are supposed to grasp and grow from.

Read to avoid negativity

  • Reading a book is a great way to get away from the negativity.  Remember, when you read a book; if it’s a story book, you are learning by experiencing someone else’s perspective.  When it’s a self help book, you are learning new tidbits of information in every page.  So in essence, reading gives you an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and experiences.    Every time you learn something new, your brain is creating new neurological pathways that connect to old ones, and biologically expanding your mind.
  • Watching movies plays the same type of role books do.  It is all about how you approach the movie.  Of course you want to watch it for entertainment purposes and that itself will provide a form distraction from negative thoughts.  However, there are many lessons to be learned from a movie as well.   Remember that another human being directed the movie, or wrote the script.  Almost likely they are drawing from experiences in their life or things they have seen or understood.   These are all things you can take in as a form of learning, growing, and understanding.  However, that is a choice you have to make to do.  Make your whole experience of life a form of learning and growing!


Parting Words

Positive thinking is extremely imperative in everyone’s life.  Always remember your thoughts dictate all facets of your life, let it be hitting the gym, relationships, career, etc.  Learning to strengthen positive thinking is a necessity every human being must undertake if we are to see a difference in ourselves and in the world.

All the knowledge from this article is from my own experiences and the countless hours of absorbing new knowledge from different types of literature.  Thank you for taking the time to walk through this article with me.

I hope you guys learned just one thing from this article you can apply to your life.  Now if you read an article everyday, and learn one new applicable thing everyday, imagine where you can be in a year from now.  Just Imagine for one second.

Stay blessed!

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